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Poppy and Anna’s cake sale success!

We are extremely lucky to have the most amazing supporters at Muirfield Riding Therapy.  Two such supporters are Poppy and Anna. Last weekend the girls put on a Coffee Afternoon fundraiser in their front garden.


The two friends from Gullane planned their fundraiser, worked hard to bake lots of delicious treats, and wrote and presented a speech about their support for Muirfield Riding Therapy at their event!  You can read the girls’ speech below or listen to it by clicking the video link.

On Friday Poppy and Anna came into our Arena at West Fenton to present our Service Coordinator Susan Law with a cheque for an amazing £230.45!  Poppy, who comes for Therapeutic Riding sessions, rides Willis our newest, specially trained Therapy Pony.

Poppy’s Mum Laura said,

“The girls were really pleased with all the support they received. I was super proud of them!”

Everyone at MRT is super proud of them too.  What a Team!

A huge, THANK YOU to Poppy and Anna from Willis the Therapy Pony, and everyone at MRT.


Poppy and Anna’s speech for the coffee afternoon –



Thank you all for coming to our MRT coffee afternoon.


Muirfield Riding Therapy is a local charity that helps people with disabilities learn how to ride horses. Horse riding is good because it helps people get exercise and physiotherapy, enjoy spending time with horses and helps people achieve their dreams.


We picked this charity because we both like horses and Poppy has been lucky enough to go to MRT and ride lots of horses. MRT needs lots of volunteers to help people to ride and to look after the horses. They need people to raise money to pay for the arenas and the stables and to feed the horses, so that they can live happily and support more people riding.


Thank you for listening to our speech. Enjoy the cakes!