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Kiltwalk Kindness – be part of our Kiltwalk Team 2020

The Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Scottish events and charity fundraising.  The Kiltwalk series is one of Scotland’s top mass participation fundraisers.  In a show of incredible support and kindness, Kiltwalk partner The Hunter Foundation has announced they will continue to donate their generous bonus to Kiltwalkers even if walks are cancelled!

We love being part of the Edinburgh Kiltwalk.  The MRT Team will be part of the Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2020, on Sunday 13th September and we’d love you to join us!  It’s a wonderful way for small charities like ours to fundraise.  The Hunter Foundation, announced earlier this year it will be upping its charitable bonus to every participant’s fundraising total to a whopping 50%!

In 2019 Audrey took part with her son David, who is one of our Riders, and their family,

We had a wonderful time taking part in the Kiltwalk this year. We did the Wee Wander, which is 5 miles, and it was a lovely walk.  The atmosphere was so friendly and we got chatting to lots of people raising funds for other charities too.  It was so rewarding to raise money for MRT,  a charity we love, and an organisation that has given David, and the rest of our family, so much support over a long number of years. We would encourage other families to take part in the Kiltwalk and to support this amazing organisation, which gives so much to all of our riders and their families.

There are three distances to choose from, 5 mile Wee Wander , 14.5 mile Big Stroll, 24 mile Mighty Stride with the shortest distance, the 5 mile Wee Wander being wheelchair accessible, and all ending at Murrayfield Stadium with the Kiltwalk Party!

Shirley is our Office Manager, and was one of our Kiltwalkers last year,

2019 was my second time doing the Kiltwalk for MRT. We did some practice walks before hand which was really nice and great having the time to walk and chat with other fantastic team members from different sessions.  MRT has lots of different fundraisers, but for me, walking, talking and being offered food along the way is ideal!!  While the feet were hot and the hips were a wee bit worn out, it was a great day from start to finish and we all had BIG smiles on our faces at the end of our achievement. 

There are lots of way you can get involved; as a walker, a donor or as a volunteer. Find out how to register to walk, donate or volunteer at The Edinburgh Kiltwalk for Team MRT