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Reaching for the sky – 10th Birthday Virtual Balloon Race!

We are celebrating 10 years of a truly pioneering partnership with NHS Lothian, The Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service. We want as many people as possible to join in the fun by taking part in our eco-friendly Virtual Balloon Race!  The Virtual Balloon Race lifts off from Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania on Halloween, 31st October at 12noon!


This eco-friendly online balloon race lasts 7 days and is like a computer game, you can change your balloons parameters – make it bigger or smaller, make the latex thicker or thinner – to help you win!  There are some great prizes up for grabs, 1st Place: £500, 2nd Place: an Apple iPad, 3rd Place: £10 Book Tokens for the next 10 fastest balloons.


You can even track the action online 24/7; the race is influenced by information from real weather satellites in real-time! Be warned – virtual balloons, just like latex ones, can pop if the balloon parameters are not suited to the weather! But even a popped balloon can still win if the wind changes direction.


The race is a fundraiser for our Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service.  In 2010 NHS Lothian and Muirfield Riding Therapy (MRT) launched The Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service, the first, and to this day the largest, Hippotherapy (a form of physiotherapy on horseback) service of its kind in Scotland.


NHS Lothian children’s physiotherapist Heather Falconer, who pioneered the service with MRT’s Service Coordinator Susan Law, says,


It’s particularly effective for children with neurological problems, helping them to develop motor skills like sitting and standing, walking, running, riding a bike.  Things that need core stability and balance skills.


The Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service, and Muirfield Riding Therapy’s other therapy sessions for children, young people and adults with various disabilities, are provided free-of-charge.


For more information and to sign up for our 10th Birthday Virtual Balloon Race, click here