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Goal: £3,000.00

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Name: Hijarrandi, Born: 1993, Arrived at MRT: 2000, Gender: Gelding, Height: 13hh, Breed: Icelandic, Colour: Dark Bay

Hello, my name means “The one who listens” – but I don’t always! I also have a Show Name which is Hijarrandi From Fowlmere.

My mother came over from Iceland and I was born in England. Mum died just after I was born, so I was weaned by my two-legged friends and I absolutely love people, particularly children.

Although small, we Icelandics are always called horses rather than ponies, just as Highlands are always called ponies even ‘though they are bigger! Strange, isn’t it – but important to remember.

Another interesting thing about us Icelandic horses is that we have an unusual extra gait called “tolt” . The right legs go forward together and then the left and so we glide along smoothly. This is ideal for riders who benefit from a less bumpy ride!

My mane is long and bushy – useful for my riders to hold onto if we are having a fast ride on the beach! I like to think of myself as friendly and fluffy and I am happy to know that I am much loved by all my riders.

Our physiotherapists say:
Hijarrandi is used for children and small adults. Has a very steady movement pattern and is great for riders who lack stability. He has a pace which none of the other ponies has, called a “Tolt”. This can be very useful for a child with poor sitting balance to experience a faster pace as it is very smooth.

Our riders and volunteers say:
“Hijarrandi, or Hairy-Andy as he’s also known!”
“I love Hijarrandi’s hair. It looks really funny in the wind”.
“Hijarrandi is the fluffiest pony I’ve ever seen, I love him”

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