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The Kiltwalk

We love The Kiltwalk!  The Kiltwalk went Virtual during 2020, and Team MRT 2020 then Team MRT 2021 took on the challenge in style!

Kiltwalk 2022
The Kiltwalk crew are launching their 2022 events, with the Kiltwalk’s incredible 50% fundraising boost for all!

Please get in touch if you are interested in being part of Team MRT for Kiltwalk 2022! 


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Kirsty skydived 10,000ft for us in 2021 and raised £1,304! She first came for riding therapy over 20 years ago and said,

I want to give back to the charity, as it’s changed my life


10 year old Ian climbed 8,810 steps, the equivalent height of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain, in 2021 and raised £1,755 for us!

The view from the top is very satisfying!


Tanya walked the 97 miles of the West Highland Way for us in 2017;

“It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done!  I chose to support MRT because of therapy pony MacGregor! The amazing care he’s received over the years from MRT and how this has reflected in the way he helps riders of all ages and abilities gain confidence, build physical strength and aid mental well-being is just amazing. MRT deserved every penny of the money raised to continue this fantastic service and made each step of the gruelling West Highland Way possible!! Keep up the fab work Team MRT!


Cameron ran the London Marathon in 2017 for us;

“I only took up running seriously with the approach of the big 60!  The marathon was part of a personal challenge to get fit.  I was delighted to support MRT.  Many of their Riders face difficulties every single day and I hope my small effort encourages others to take on challenges too.”

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