I Love MRT

Be part of it

We asked our riders, their parents and carers and our volunteers how they feel about our organisation. And the results showed there’s a whole lot of love around, especially for the ponies said rider David,

“I love MRT because it’s fun and I love the horses, especially Flora, Storm and Uist; but Macgregor is my favourite!”


Riding therapy can bring life-changing physical benefits and can be good for metal wellbeing too; all the fun of making new friends, bonding with animals, enjoying the outdoors and achieving personal goals can help, amongst other things, build self confidence and improve concentration.

“The team at MRT have made such a difference helping Eilish regain her strength and confidence after a long illness.” a parent shared.

Making friendships is all part of our story at MRT. You can be part of it too.

I love helping at MRT because the kids make it all worth while. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad week or the worst day of your life. For the 45 minutes that the session lasts, you can see how much pleasure and benefit the children get from the therapy and it feels really nice to be part of that. It’s also really great that you have to work as a team, the child, the coach, the pony leaders and side walkers, no to mention the pony! It makes you realise that you can achieve anything in life, To see the effect it has on the children’s lives genuinely makes you feel that life is about helping each other and to develop and grow as people and achieve our goals and ambitions in life.

Michael, volunteer.

One day I was trying to engage a wee boy who was not that interested. I started telling him all about his pony and where he came from. I told him how Hjarrandi (pony) had a really thick coat because he came from a very cold place called Iceland. The next week I asked him if he remembered his pony’s name and where he was from. He said, “I can’t remember his name but he comes from that shop.” !

Fiona, Volunteer Mentor