Our Past Ponies


Otis was a lovely blue roan Clydesdale Cross blue cob who came to MRT back in 2004. He came from just over the hill near Haddington and was trained as a carriage driving pony, but unfortunately tried to jump a gate whilst still attached to a carriage!

He had a large Roman nose, a beautiful big hairy moustache and big gentle eyes.  He was 14’1″ so technically he was a pony, but he had a massive personality. Otis was the perfect size for MRT because he suited both children and adults riding him.  His gentle natured calmed and reassured many nervous riders.

Otis loved to paddle in the sea, and have a good gallop along the sands.  He was very partial to ice cream and several times on the way back from the beach, people would stop us to ask if they could pat him and say hello.  Otis would try and sneak a lick of their ice cream, even better if they dropped it!