Our Past Ponies


Storm was with us for 3 fun-filled and exciting years. She arrived at 8 years old freshly broken in.  She was a very pretty and very loyal Highland Pony, full of fun and very inquisitive. She loved a good scratch and cuddle – (especially from strong fingers Lynne!) and she loved her food!!

Storm kept us on our toes. There were lots of interesting moments like when she ended up standing inside the upturned mounting block, when she crashed into the wall on her first canter in the arena, and when she cantered over the C-marker board. And there was the time that she left her Sharer behind on the golf course when she didn’t like her new saddle!

But Storm was beautiful to ride. She loved to hack out. She was very clever and really responsive. She only needed the lightest of touches. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best quality for her MRT job, and so, after attending finishing school in Perthshire where all the staff fell in love with her, she is moving on to a happy home with a new family in Sussex who fell for her from a picture on the internet. She loved hacking out, cantering through the countryside most days with just a little bit of schooling thrown in to keep up her new dressage skills.  We hope you will be very happy Storm!