Riding Therapy
Meet our Physios: Felicity

Felicity is a physiotherapist, specialising in adult physiotherapy. She has been volunteering with MRT since 2013.  Felicity leads our specialist therapy riding sessions with our teenage and adult riders on Wednesday evenings.  As well as volunteering on a Wednesday evening, Felicity is on hand to offer advice to Coaches from all other sessions who have adult riders. She also helps MRT to train volunteers in the best way to assist riders. Her training role also covers helping to train the ponies, and she currently a Sharer of our Therapy Pony Charity.


Felicity tell us what Therapeutic Riding means for her, and her Riders


Riding therapy has enabled me to combine my love for physiotherapy and horses to produce the most amazing therapy experience for me and my riders.  The three-dimensional movement of the pony transmitted to the rider improves balance, coordination, strength and posture. The horse, through therapeutic riding also provides opportunities for riders to build confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and develop relationships with volunteers, other riders as well as the horse. All within a fun-filled environment.


MRT is a fantastic group of warm, friendly and dedicated, trained volunteers based within excellent riding centre facilities.  MRT is a member of the Riding for Disabled Association (RDA), but is unique in its enthusiasm, dedication and support for riding as a therapy.  The volunteers are fantastic, with excellent training and experience, they always bring a sense of team, commitment and fun to all our riding sessions.  The ponies are all exceptionally well looked after, experienced and trained for their role.  They are essential partners in all our riding therapy sessions.


Some of Felicity’s MRT highlights


I am very grateful to MRT for their support for me to practice Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding with such wonderful riders, ponies and volunteers over the years.  I know this is a very special opportunity.


Volunteering alongside the warm, friendly & motivated teams at MRT.


‘Rock Climbing’ with one of our adult Riders on Oreo:  discovering during a therapy session on our Mechanical Horse ‘Oreo’, that Oreo can climb over the rocks at the beach on the simulation screen with the resultant sensation of being on a roller coaster!


Watching a Rider in one of our sessions, ride Charity on his own – the partnership and connection between him and Charity took my breath away.


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