Make a Donation

You can make a single donation of any amount to support our service now or set up a regular donation to help us plan for the future.

Donate Now

Give direct from your salary

Making a regular donation through Payroll Giving means you’re helping us have reliable income. If you’re an employee, it is an easy and tax efficient way to support us. Your donation comes directly from your salary, before you are taxed. Talk to your HR department about setting this gift up.

Leave a gift in your will

If you have been touched by the work of Muirfield Riding Therapy you may wish to consider making a gift or legacy in your will to help those who benefit now and in the future from our life-changing equine facilitated therapy.

Every gift, whatever the amount, means such a lot to us and enables us to provide our services, free of charge.

Many adults never get round to making a will, yet this is the only way to ensure that your estate gets distributed in the way that you want it to be done after you’re gone. Having a will in place makes sure that the people and causes that are dear to you are looked after in the event of your death.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will, and you have any questions, please contact our Chairperson [email protected]

Giving in Celebration

Make a gift to MRT in lieu of presents, for your special celebration. Set up a donation page and invite your loved ones to donate. Thanks to the generosity of Pien and Mark and their wedding guests, who donated to MRT rather than give presents, we were able to purchase our mechanical horse, Oreo. Oreo is a life sized, horse-shaped, high-tech piece of physio equipment.