Kirsteen and Cinders

Kirsteen is one of our adult participants, in our Quiet Corner sessions. Developed by Jenny and Sharron, two of our experienced Coaches, Quiet Corner gives Participants the opportunity to spend time just being with the pony in a relaxed way, interacting on a one-to-one basis. Watching the pony breathing. Listening to him chomping. Touching him and feeling his coat and muzzle, feeling the nuzzle of his breath. Smelling that special smell. And just being with the pony in a tranquil environment. There is a saying that the outside of a horse does good for the inside of a human.

Therapy pony Cinders and Kirsteen have a lovely relationship, and especially enjoy their ‘butterfly’ sessions; this is where we have two lead ropes from the pony’s head collar allowing Kirsteen to lead Cinders, with Coach Sharon holding a lead on the opposite side, for added safety.

Kirsteen also like to groom Cinders, which Cinders absolutely loves. Depending on the weather, Quiet Corner sessions can take place indoors or outside in a specially created area.

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