What is Equine Facilitated Therapy?

Equine facilitated therapy involves activities with horses to promote our participants’ physical and mental health. After an assessment with our team, we will create an individual Therapy Plan for you to achieve your goals.

Can anyone apply?

People of all ages, with a wide range of disabilities and life-affecting conditions, both physical and mental can benefit from equine facilitated therapy. Once we receive your therapy application, by self-referral, or by referral through your GP, Physiotherapist or other Healthcare Provider, we will be in touch to invite you to our Centre, for an assessment with our team. We will create a Therapy Plan for you to achieve your individual goals.

When do therapy sessions run?

We operate 7 sessions a week:

Tues mornings – School Classes

Tues afternoons – School Classes and the NHS Lothian Partnership Sessions –

Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service.

Wed mornings – School Classes

Wed evenings – Teens and Young Adults

Wed evenings Mechanical Horse ‘Oreo’ sessions

Thurs mornings – Adults

Fri afternoons – Children

Sat mornings – Children and Adults

How many people are in a session?

We can have up to 6 participants in a standard therapeutic riding session. However, it will depend on your individual needs, identified at your initial assessment, and the type of session you are attending.

How long does a session last?

Sessions are weekly, a session usually lasts around 45 minutes, and your block of sessions can last from 4 – 8 weeks, however this will all depend on your individual needs and the session you are attending.

What do I wear?

When you come to a session, what you wear is important in making sure you are safe and comfortable, and a big part of that is to come dressed properly –

Riding hats; MRT provide riding hats but if you wish to wear your own it must be checked by one of our Coaches and must be up to current standards – PAS 015 2011, (BS) EN 1384 2023 or ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards).

Trousers; you must be comfortable when riding so jeans or tight trousers are not suitable, but jogging bottoms or leggings will do.

Footwear; the kind of shoes or boots you wear is really important. They must have a small heel so that your foot does not slip through the stirrup and get stuck. If you need them, we have a range of boots you can borrow.

Jacket; when you wear a jacket or anorak it must be fastened so that it doesn’t flap about when you are riding.

Gloves; during colder weather it is also a good idea to wear gloves so that you can hold the reins more easily. Mitts are not suitable.

We also sell Rider hoodies branded with our Muirfield Riding Therapy logo.

How much does it cost?

Our Equine Facilitated Therapy services are provided free of charge, to ensure people who need our service can access it. But we still need your help to raise funds to help us cover the costs of running the Centre. You can take a coin box home to fill, or help us feed the ponies by becoming a Pony Sponsor or why not Fundraise for us.

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