Eilidh loves coming to MRT and had a very special job this year when she starred in our new video, ‘This is Muirfield Riding Therapy’, with her favourite therapy pony Johnny.

Mum, Michelle, says,

It is always a real highlight of her week, and she bounces out of bed on a Saturday morning eager to join in the fun. Having such facilities near to home is brilliant and we are very grateful to all the helpers who give up their time to help the kids learn, grow, develop and have fun.

Eilidh has made new friends, bonded with the horses, enjoyed the outdoors and more importantly built her self-confidence.

Eliidh really enjoyed taking part in the RDA (Edinburgh and Borders) Regional RDA Dressage Qualifiers hosted at local equestrian centre, Rockrose.

Learning Dressage is one of the equine facilitated therapy activities our participants can get involved with here at MRT. The objective of Dressage for our participants is to improve balance, control, mobility, memory and freedom.

Riding the movements required for a test and maintaining a good rhythm increases the participant’s awareness of balance and control. Dressage is taught as part of several of our sessions, as it is just basic schooling. At all levels it has been found to raise confidence and self-esteem in the participant.

RDA competition dressage tests range from being led by a helper at walk, to independent riding tests with lateral movements. The challenge of learning a test, riding it accurately and performing to the best of the horse’s and participant’s ability has many positive benefits.

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