Riding Therapy

Why Riding?

Find out why Riding is a great therapeutic activity

Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy (specialist physiotherapy on horseback) provide multiple life-changing physical, learning, behavioural and social benefits to riders thanks to the movement, warmth and rhythm of the horse.  Our Riders are people with a wide range of disabilities and life-affecting conditions, both physical and mental.  Our core activities use the three-dimensional movements of a horse to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes. Specially trained physiotherapists use selected horses as mobile therapeutic treatment tools.


Did you know?

Horses have a 3-dimensional movement and some studies have concluded that sitting on a walking horse replicates the movement of a normal walking pattern in the Rider’s pelvis by 97%.   The movement of the horse also generates responses in the Rider that are similar to, and essential for, walking.  Watch this video, made by some of our volunteers, which shows the movement in action.


A world-wide community

There are over 500-member groups of Riding for the Disabled Association in the UK alone.  Wider afield, groups operate under the umbrella organisation of Federation of Riding for the Disabled International, and there are many groups offering riding therapy through different organisations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.  All these groups of people share a common belief that equine assisted therapy can improve lives in lots of ways.


What makes MRT special?

We are at the forefront of riding therapy in the UK.  MRT’s ethos is based on team work; by working together, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, education professionals and our specially trained Volunteers and Ponies we are able to offer Riders the best therapeutic benefit.


Meet our Physios

Our physiotherapists provide specialist child and adult services, and support the training of our volunteer Coaching Team.  In 2009, MRT Group physiotherapist Heather Falconer, piloted a successful service between NHS Lothian and MRT.  In 2010, this pioneering partnership became the Children’s Therapeutic Riding Service, part of NHS Lothian’s children’s physiotherapy service. These sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons from our Arena.  We are celebrating 10 years of our pioneering partnership!