Joe and Charity

As a result of the pandemic, we launched our Quiet Corner service. This was initially aimed at people who are unable to ride, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of bonding with our special ponies.

Participant Joe and his Key Worker Maria talk about what Quiet Corner means to them:

“A number of years ago Joe used to get support from his day centre staff at horse riding [Muirfield Riding Therapy]. The excitement & happiness on Joe’s face leading up to, or on return from it, was always unbelievable. So, for us to now see first hand why he loves it so much is priceless.

Joe has always loved animals & taking care of them but especially horses. They seem to form a bond very quickly and it’s lovely to see now why he loves it so much”

“I like cleaning them & taking them for a walk” said Joe.

My Riding Therapy Story

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