Born: 2001
Arrived at MRT: 2017
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15hh
Breed: Mechanical Horse
Colour: Black

Oreo is no ordinary therapy pony. With a flowing black mane and tail, and majestic stature, he’s been likened to fictional stallion Black Beauty! Oreo is a rather extraordinary therapy pony, in fact he’s a mechanical pony!

Oreo was added to our herd in 2017, thanks to an incredible donation. He is a horse-shaped, high tech piece of physiotherapy equipment that responds to leg and hand movements like a real horse.  He is an important part of our Service, offering benefits to Participants and Therapists.  Oreo helps our Physiotherapists with Participants’ biomechanics assessments, offering top of the range postural analysis to improve muscle tone, strength and symmetry.

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What our Coaches say

Oreo is linked to a screen in front of him which allows his riders to choose from a range of scenic rides which they can enjoy, virtually!  There is no doubt that there is something wonderful that happens when participants can ride via the simulations to either splash in the sea, go around a lake and castle, or ride through a zoo with elephants trumpeting!”

What our participants and volunteers say

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