Born: 2006
Arrived at MRT: 2012
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.1hh
Breed: Irish Cob
Colour: Dapple Grey

Hello everyone, good to meet you. I am a happy fellow. I love being in the field with my pony friends, ‘The Boys’, but sometimes I get a bit bossy, they soon let me know though! My participants say I am nice and comfortable to trot on. I am actually quite fast too!
I am a big softie with a handsome face. I really enjoy meeting people out and about and getting a pat, and usually a word about how handsome I am. Aw, thanks guys!

Our physiotherapists say:
Raiden is used for adults and children. He has a pronounced three-dimensional movement which means he can decrease high tone in his rider when he walks slower and increase low tone in his rider if he walks fast.

What our participants and volunteers say
“I like the way Raiden moves and I feel really tall when I ride”
“I like his colour and how smooth his coat is”
“I like trotting on Raiden, it’s hard work on my legs but it’s fun!”
“One of his funniest tricks is how he picks up his feed bucket (once he’s devoured the contents!) and carries it around with him – he once carried his bucket all the way back to his field!”

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