Born: 1998
Arrived at MRT: 2015
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14.2hh
Breed: Highland
Colour: Oatmeal Grey

I’m Uist. And I’m named after an island in the Outer Hebrides, off the West Coast of Scotland. I’m a big, Highland gelding, and my colouring is known as ‘Oatmeal’, you know how much us Scots like our porridge!
I came to Muirfield Riding Therapy on loan from some very special friends to see how I liked it here.  I love it and, thanks to funding from several very generous East Lothian Rotary Groups, I’m now officially part of the Therapy Pony team.  A great big Thank You!  I’d also like to say a big thank to the family and friends of Fred Lowrie who have been supporting me too.
I’m sturdy and reliable, and everyone thinks I’m a star – aw shucks!

Our physiotherapists say:
Uist is used for adults and children. He has a big rolling gait which has lots of uses but his unique job in MRT is for Backriding, where the physiotherapist sits on his back and the child sits in front of him. This is used when the rider has poor trunk control and can’t sit independently. For this activity, we need a very reliable, steady pony.

What our participants and volunteers say
“Uist is a very good horse for me. He’s patient and he listens and responds to me. I really enjoy riding outside on Uist.”

“I’m lucky enough to be a Sharer of Uist who means the world to me. He is your typical Highland pony, very stoic and brave when he needs to be but he can be a cheeky boy and strong when he wants to be!”

“Uist is very entertaining. He loves splashing in puddles and getting me wet!”

“Sometimes he tries to eat grass when he shouldn’t. It is without a doubt one of his favourite things to do. He always has his eye on every blade of grass!”

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