David has been riding with us for 23 years. His mum, Audrey, explains that when he was 7 he was having problems with balance and the physiotherapist they had at the time suggested riding may be good therapy for him. She got in touch with our founder, Gill Morrison, and arranged for David to go along to a session to see how he would feel around horses. The rest, she says, is history!

David, who is now 30, likes trotting fast and learning new skills. His favourite horse was one of our past ponies, Flora, but he enjoys riding new horses.

In 2016 David presented us with a donation which he raised by asking for contributions rather than gifts at his 30th birthday party. On hand to congratulate him was The Moderator Elect, Rev Dr Russell Barr, Minister of Cramond in Edinburgh, who happened to be visiting us that night!

Audrey has seen a massive improvement in David’s physical wellbeing – his posture and balance.

“It is so rewarding, as a parent, to see your child make so much progress in an activity that he loves. There is no pressure on him to achieve beyond his means and, as a result, his confidence has improved. I cannot emphasise enough how much MRT has benefited our family. The overall support from the Coaches and volunteers has been immeasurable. We are so grateful that he has been able to access this facility for the past 23 years.”

What would you say to someone thinking of trying Riding Therapy?

Go for it!! It is lots of fun, you meet nice people and learn new skills. David’s mum Audrey says, “It is an activity that benefits users on so many levels. You need to try it to experience the caring atmosphere and all-round inclusiveness of MRT and you will not be disappointed.”

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