The Rewarding Endeavour Trophy was donated by our former longstanding volunteer Irene Carter’s family, to the RDA Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders region, in her memory after her sad passing a few weeks ago.  This trophy recognises participants who are entered in a non-qualifying class at the annual RDA Regional Qualifier, and show the greatest joy, engagement and participation in the event. We’re delighted that MRT participant, George, riding Beeby, at this year’s Qualifier at the Scottish National Equestrian Centre, has brought it home to MRT in its first year.


George’s mum Emma (pictured below with George, and Irene’s partner, Russell), wrote about what the award has meant to George and their family,


“George was recently awarded the Irene Carter memorial trophy. The award was for showing bravery, courage and determination in a situation that might not be easy for him to overcome.

I want to say a huge thanks to Irene’s family for donating this award. George is delighted to be the first recipient. It really means a great deal to us as a family when often getting to the event, and things going to plan is in itself a huge achievement!


I also want to give a shout out to everyone who supports George at Muirfield. The amazing connections he has formed over the last 7 years with the horses, his fellow riders and the outstanding Muirfield team has made it such a positive experience for him. His riding continues to benefit him physically, and supports him to develop important life skills and confidence. His trotting giggles and humour during riding is also wonderful to see.


As you can imagine competitive events throw up many challenges for George. Travel, a new environment,  wearing smart clothes, waiting his turn, listening, following instructions and tolerating the Scottish weather to name but a few! There is a fair bit of preparation and support required both from Muirfield and ourselves as parents. However, there is also something magical that happens when he sits on a horse that provides the calm and contentment for him to meet these challenges and participate.


On the day of the competition George’s joy, engagement and pride shone through despite the rain. Plus giving the judges a thumbs up at the end of your dressage routine always helps!”


Congratulations George!