We’re feeling inspired here at West Fenton thanks to ten year old Ian who is off on his summer challenge, as part of the At Home Superhero event!  Ian, who has diplegic cerebral palsy, has chosen to support Muirfield Riding Therapy for the second year in a row, and is climbing the number of stair steps that would get him to the top of Ben Nevis, 8,810 steps in total!
Last summer, Ian took on the At Home Superhero challenge for us by biking his way round iconic Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.  This year, mum Sheena got in touch to let us know he’s taking on another iconic Scottish challenge, this time virtually climbing the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis!
Ian says,
“My name is Ian and I am 10 years old and I am taking part in the At Home Superhero event.  I took part in it last summer and ran round Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh on my race runner 5 times.
This year I wanted to do something even harder. I am aiming to climb the number of stairs that would take me to the top of Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain in Scotland) so that means I’ve to climb 8,810 stairs. I live in a bungalow with mum and dad so mum asked nicely at her work (abrdn) to see if we could borrow their stairs. They said yes so every weekend from now to 14th August mum and I will be climbing stairs at 6 St Andrews Square. Thank you abrdn.
I was born with diplegic cerebral palsy which means I have special legs and don’t have very good balance. As part of my physio routines I get invited along to Muirfield Riding Therapy to do some horse riding. I love it. I have picked Muirfield as my charity as they help lots of children like me with core muscle stability and I always have lots of fun when I am doing my sessions. My favourite horse just now is Johnny who is white and stops to do the toilet lots!.”
Everyone at Muirfield Riding Therapy is very proud of Ian!