Dorothy is a volunteer in our Teen and Young Adult riding therapy sessions on Wednesday evenings. Read on to find out her volunteering story, and how she has incorporated her support of Muirfield Riding Therapy into her working life too.


“When my riding stables closed down I was sporadically offered the odd hack but was seriously suffering pony withdrawal.  Muirfield Riding Therapy had been mentioned previously, and I checked out which sessions were possible.  I’m not sure if I was meant to go through some more formal process but I simply turned up one Wednesday evening, offered my services and have been here ever since.   

 My day job, as a solicitor, is pretty full on sometimes and takes up a lot of head space. I love knowing that on a Wednesday evening, for a few hours, that will be replaced by all things horse.

Although I have been in and around riding stables since childhood this is a very different experience. The participants have taught me so much and it is amazing to see their progress. The ponies are remarkable in every sense and I will never stop being in awe of their patience and good nature.  And I have to give a shout out to my colleagues in the Wednesday evening session – we have good fun and they make even the coldest, darkest, wettest of nights go by quickly. And often there is cake.

As a partner at law firm Gilson Gray, I have encouraged support of Muirfield Riding Therapy by the organisation. We are proud sponsors of the up and coming Muirfield Riding Therapy Charity Golf Day at Renaissance on 19th May 2022.   We are also now supporting the charity through our Will Writing service.


Anyone who has a few hours a week to spare should seriously think about joining as a volunteer at Muirfield Riding Therapy. You won’t regret it.”


Will Writing service

Muirfield Riding Therapy’s charity partner Gilson Gray has offered to provide a fixed fee will writing service at a cost of £250 (inclusive of VAT at 20%), for the preparation of a simple will. You can start the will writing process by clicking the button below and completing their will questionnaire. Please use the referral number ‘MRT2122′.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, a member of Gilson Gray’s private client team shall contact you in person or arrange a video call with you to confirm your instructions and costs before proceeding.

Making Will Writing Easier for You