We’re delighted to start the year with a lovely little film, This is Muirfield Riding Therapy. Introducing Eilidh, who comes along to take part in a therapy ride.


Eilidh loves horses, and is excited to come along to take part in a Riding Therapy session at Muirfield Riding Therapy’s (MRT) Centre at West Fenton, East Lothian.


WATCH – click the image of Eilidh below to play our short film via our YouTube channel,



The short film aims to showcase what we do here at MRT.  Our Centre is volunteer-led, and self-funded, providing pioneering, life-changing equine therapy, free of charge. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, not only has our usual fundraising been decimated, but we have been unable to invite people to the Centre to see riding therapy in action, and meet our community face to face.




The project was a collaboration with advertising agency, Whitespace, and their mentoring partnership with students from Napier University’s School of Arts and Creative Industries.  Everyone involved in the short film, from our own amazing participants and their families, our specially trained volunteers and therapy ponies, and the incredible filming and editing crew, generously gave their time, skills and enthusiasm to help create it.


Our Chair, Michelle Sutton, said,


At MRT we have two statements which sum up our way of working, “It’s what you can do that counts” and “together we make a difference.”  What I loved about this project is that everyone involved lived up to these too.  Each person played their part and worked together to really make a difference for MRT, thank you


Until we are able to properly open up our doors once again, we hope this film will help you see what we can achieve, together.