Jeanette Russell is taking on the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5K for us, in her G-Move suit, on Saturday 27th May. Jeanette, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 11 years ago, will be wearing a special piece of kit which makes use of air pressure to help her body make it round the tough uphill climb of Arthur’s Seat. Our Therapy Pony Cinders is her motivation to keep going.


We first met Jeanette when she was introduced to our Centre by our volunteer physio, Ishbel. Our Therapy Pony, Cinders made a wonderful first impression. Jeanette said,


“…this amazing pony quietened down my PTSD thoughts. I have altered sensation down my left side, due to the MS, but I was able to stroke her and feel her hair, because she had such a calming effect on me.”


Jeanette’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2023 Countdown Diary: 6 days to go

“I’m choked with the cold this week. I was meant to be doing a test walk of the 5k course this weekend, trying out different pressures on my GMove suit, for the different inclines of the route round Arthur’s Seat. But I’ve had to take it easy. l know my MS well; if I push my body today, MS will pay me back tenfold, risking my ability to run next Saturday.

I’m having lots of chicken bone broth, and lemsip with manuka honey and lemon. It hasn’t stopped me doing workout, strength and stretching sessions at home.

It’s going to be harder than I thought because of my MS right now, but I’m determined to complete it, and get my medal, I won’t let MRT or Cinders down!

Gillian, my friend and neuro physio, will be doing the 5K with me and she will help me put my Winback GMove suit on at the start line.

I will need lots of encouragement from St Margaret’s Loch up to Dunsapie Loch. That’s the hardest bit and the incline is steep. I would be so grateful for any support, I think the place to support me will be at the start of the road up round Arthur’s Seat, and if my support group want to walk up the path, adjacent to the road, with me, awesome 👍.”


Support Jeanette on the day

Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5K
Race day: Saturday 27th May
Race start time: 11am
Anyone who wishes to come along and support Jeanette on the day, here is the official 5K route,

Look out for our Cinders sign – we hope she brings lots of motivation to Jeanette!


Donate to Jeanette’s challenge

Jeanette has already smashed £1.5k! If you would like to donate to Jeanette’s challenge and show her some support this way, click here for her fundraising page