Our Ponies

Our current therapy ponies are a wonderful team. Each has their own distinct personality and we love them all. Each pony is specially chosen and trained so we can offer our participants the best therapeutic benefit. To allow our ponies to do their important job it is vital that we look after them well. Caring for our ponies costs around £5000 per pony, per year.

Sponsor a Pony

Our Sponsor a Pony campaign offers our friends an opportunity to contribute to funding the care of our specially trained therapy ponies, helping guarantee our life-changing equine facilitated therapy sessions in the years ahead. Please consider becoming a pony sponsor.

This includes, regular veterinary treatment, dental and hoof care, correctly fitted saddles and bridles, rugs, feed, hay, paddocks and field shelters, plus specialist training and horse behaviour clinics.

All our sponsors receive a Thank You Card from their pony, an A5 Photo of their pony, a Golden Rosette of their pony, and a Certificate. Plus, an exclusive gift(s), only given to pony sponsors – our Pony Pals receive a magnet of their pony, and our Pony Pal Monthly friends receive a magnet of their pony and a keyring. Sponsoring a pony lasts for 12 months.


Past Therapy Ponies

We are so lucky to have had the pleasure of knowing many wonderful ponies over the years since MRT was founded back in 1989. Our four-legged friends have left their mark in all sorts of ways, but especially in our hearts. We’ll be adding photos and stories about lots of our lovely past ponies who helped so many riders over the years.